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Super slow - I type a sentence, then sit back and watch it appear.

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I love many of the features on Storyist, I recently made the switch from Final Draft, but I'm having a problem with incredibly slow response. Sometimes it's so bad, I literally type an entire sentence, then sit back and watch it slowly appear on screen. Storyist is the only word processing software that does this on my computer, everything else (OneNote, Final Draft, Chrome) is real time responsive. Is there a way to fix it? Or should I switch back?


Running: OS 10.11.6 El Capitan

Memory 16 GB.

Lots of free space, 300GB.

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This has come up before. Often the culprit is frequent saving of the file, which forces Storyist to create a new version every time.


I don't have El Capitan, so there could be something else going on. But I do date from the generation burned by Word's tendency to crash and kill an hour's work, so I hit Command-S every few minutes without even thinking about it. I've had to retrain myself for Storyist. (Alas, Word remains as cranky as ever.) Might be worth a try.


And welcome to the forums!


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