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Getting rid of the "My Script" sample text, etc.

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Yes, I am new to the software. There doesn't seem to be much of an explanation as to the role of the sample, other than the obvious: this is a sample script. So, apparently you start your own script under the sample script and then omit the sample script as you limp along writing your stuff? I know this is probably a "duh" type question, but I began as New Project and there is the sample script, nine pages, in all its majesty but in limping along I'm wondering well, what is the point of the sample? It's apparently to serve as a crutch until you don't need it anymore? If I'm writing my own script and eliminating the sample as I proceed, is that the point of the sample? Just a little curious as to why

there isn't really any explanation as to the role of the sample???


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Hi Krumkee,


The sample is there to give you an idea of what the formatted script looks like. You can delete it when it is no longer useful to you. You can also create your own project template without the sample text if you want.



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